Bridget Carberry

Web Developer

I am a web developer with a passion for creating, improving, and maintaining websites that make a positive impact in people's lives.

I have a nontraditional developer background, with years of experience in multimedia production, website content production, as a jack of all trades webmaster and resourceful and inquisitive web developer.


Continuous improvement of the museum's web presence.

I am a full-stack developer, maintaining and improving, a Python Django-based website for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I work cross-departmentally to identify and build new features, squash bugs, and optimize workflows and user pathways within the website.

From over 10,000 objects in the online collection, to the museum's revenue-generating transactional pathways, to how the website interacts with the museum's CRM platform and DAMS; I manage timelines, feature development, and deployment schedules with consideration for all of the moving pieces inherent in a large organization.


Analyzing workflows and user flows to implement improvements.

I work closely with content producers and CMS authors to refine the CMS user authoring experience. From modeling new content types, to considering how they relate and integrate with existing content models, to building templates true to designs from our in-house design team, optimizing and improving the CMS is my priority. Built on the open source GLAMkit project, we contribute to refining a CMS built for the Gallery, Library, Archives, and Museum sector.


Rauschenberg Research Project

SFMOMA's collaboration with the Getty.

I managed content development and production for SFMOMA's online scholarly catalog initiative on artist Robert Rauschenberg. The online catalog project is comprised of over 80 artworks, 19 essays, and hundreds of research materials digitized and accessible online. I managed the web content production and publishing of the project in 2013, and was integral to the migration of this content to the new website in 2016. The content is considered permanent, and so needed to be carefully migrated in order to maintain permanent URIs for researchers scholars who cite the content.


Front-end Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, LESS/SASS

Python + Django

Full-stack Django development, building out a custom CMS, Git

Agile Development

Bi-weekly sprints, task management with JIRA, regular check-ins

Technical Project Coordination

Define requirements, coordinate internal + external resources, create + maintain schedules