Rauschenberg Research Project

I worked as web production assistant on the Rauschenberg Research Project, a digital scholarly catalogue of Robert Rauschenberg research and artwork from the SFMOMA permanent collection.  This extensive catalogue of essays, archival images, artwork conservation reports, publications, and videos was seamlessly integrated into the website’s existing online collection section known as Explore Modern Art.

Rauscheberg Research Project Artwork Page Screenshot

I joined the project team in May 2012, and started analyzing and breaking down the web designs into stories and features in Pivotal Tracker, the online agile project management tool used to coordinate and prioritize development with the web development firm engaged for the project.  I managed the website aspect of the project through to completion in the last couple months, coordinating with outside contractors and museum stakeholders to launch the project on schedule.  I also managed web content production and publishing of hundreds of digital assets including high resolution artwork zoomable images, videos, essays, downloadable PDF’s, and research images.